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Title Asia's No.1 Coffee Conference is coming soon!!
Writer 관리자 Date 2018.11.01

Dear all audience,
In a week, the 7th World Coffee Leaders Forum 2018 will take place at COEX Seoul, Korea!
This is the biggest annual coffee forum in Asia, and professionals from global coffee industry look forward it.
2018's theme is "Meanings of Diversity in the Coffee Industry - It's all about BALANCE".
The key-words in this year are "Diversity" and "Balance".
In order to solve problems such as polarization of the coffee industry, coffee leaders share thoughts and ideas together.

Plenay Session - Sharing perspective on the prospects of the global coffee industry future.
Professional Session - Sharing professional skills and knowledge in coffee.
Origin Advernture Session - Experience fresh coffee beans from coffee origins for 'life-changing' coffee.
Sensory Session - Talking about green bean and coffee sensory training.

[Amazing WCLF 2018 Speaker list!]

Kellem Emanuele, President of International Women's Coffee Alliance
Greg Meenahan, Partnership Director of World Coffee Research
Colleen Anunu, Coffee Supply Chain Director of Fair Trade USA
Michelle Johnson, Founder of The Chocolate Barista
Katie Carguilo, Green Bean Buyer of Counter Culture Coffee
Cynthia Chang Ludviksen, Managing Director of WCE
Nicholas Cho, CEO of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters

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