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Professional Session

Professional Session

Experts from all over the world are sharing their professional skills and knowledge in Coffee. Participants in Professional Session have the opportunity to learn in depth information and technique during presentations and demonstrations.
* Korean instructor will serve the lecture in Korean.


Date 2018. 11. 8(Thu)~11. 11(Sun)
Time 10:00 ~ 17:00
Venue TBD

Experts Seminar(317C) Coffee Training Station(317A)

Time 9th Nov.(Thu) 10th Nov.(Fri) 11th Nov.(Sat) 12th Nov.(Sun)
[Green Bean]
Origin to you
Jun-Sun Bae
(Namusairo Coffee),
In-Young Kim
Dan Jensen
(Cafe Imports)
Espresso machine
- extraction, reliability
& pressure ramping

Sarah Palmer
[Cafe Business]
Coffee Is Business Itself,
not business Item.

Hyun-Deok Kim
(Coffee D.N.A.
Roasting Company)
[Coffee Quality]
Coffee quality control

In-Young Song
(SPC Culinary Academy)
in coffee industry
in manual brewing

Young-Min Lee
[Latte Art]
Latte Art Basic
Sang-Hoon Lee
(Zombie Coffee Roasters)
[Latte Art]
Latte art,
pouring master

Kyeong-Woo Jung
(Corea Coffee Belt)
Easy way
to specialty coffee cupping

Kyeong-Lim Chung
[Café Business]
Cafe business extension

Jae-Hyeop Kim
(February Roasters),
Jung June
Sun Choi
Water for coffee lovers
David King
The new paradigm
for smart brewing

Dae-Min Ahn
(Coffee Chaps)
[Green Bean]
Specialty coffee
processing trends
of Latin American coffees

Andres Ruiz
Advanced coffee brewing
Sung-Bae Kim
(Ddangcha Coffee)
[Green Bean]
sharing the best coffee
in the world

Jason Kew
(Sydney Coffee Business
/Kew Specialty Coffee)
[Menu Recipe]
Season menu
that helps in the sale of cafe
& customer target menu

Sean An
(Coffee Lec Korea)
Cupping of specialty coffee
processing trends

Dong-Wan Jeff Kim
(Coffee Me Up)
All about light roasting
Woo-Sung Noh
How to use tools
for better espresso

Il-Seon Jeon
(Gabae Mihon)
Espresso extraction guide
starting from
a roasting profile

Jong-Hoon Lee
(Coffee Graffiti)
[Tea Variation]
Tips for Tea Brewing
Seo-Yeon Choi
(Salon de Désirer)
Roasting defects
and quality control

Dong-Ho Lee
[Menu Recipe]
Unique Brewing Coffee

Jae-Yeon Ryu