WCLF Speakers

Ralf Rueller 2021
  • CEO
  • The Barn Coffee Roasters Berlin
Global Session
THE BARN and what needs to change in coffee in 2022
Ralf Rueller founded THE BARN in 2010 in Berlin. He quickly established the company as a quality leader to set a new standard in Specialty Coffee. THE BARN´s mission is to create amazing coffee experiences for their customers. So they can explore new levels of flavour diversity, texture and mouthfeel. Working purely with Single Origin Coffees, all bags carry the names of their farmers to create a link to the final consumer. THE BARN supports coffee growers in developing new processing styles in light of ongoing challenges in climate change. Today, THE BARN runs a roastery and sells their coffees to more than 80 countries across the globe. They operate 11 coffeeshops in Berlin, and they recently opened their first international cafe in Dubai. In his previous professional career, Ralf worked in finance in Japan and the UK, before plunging into the world of coffee.
Over the past ten years, Specialty Coffee has seen a wave of new roasteries and pretty coffee shops. But did that really have an impact on the value and quality created at farm level? What can be done to make a fundamental change in Specialty Coffee and to live up to the word "Special" in it. Ralf Rueller is taking you through his mission and what he thinks needs to change in Specialty Coffee in 2022.