WCLF Speakers

Minsoo Kim 2021
  • Robot Business Division/Serving Robot Business Team Head
  • Woowa Brothers Baedal Minjok(Baemin)
Global Session
Future of Restaurant & Cafe with Food-Tech
Woowa Brothers is a leading company in the F&B industry that operates "Baedal Minjok(Baemin)", the number one delivery application in Korea. Woowa Brother"s serving robot "Dilly," outdoor self-driving delivery robot, and cooking robot are prominent in the food tech industry, and achieved the most commercialization in the service robot sector for the first time in Korea. At the center of Woowa Brothers, who is leading the introduction and commercialization of robots in the domestic restaurant industry, is the Head of the Robot Business Division/Serving Robot Business Team, Minsoo Kim. He noted that robotic services could provide customers with a new dining experience. He is trying to achieve harmony between human labor and robot service with the concept of robots helping people to focus on the services that requires more attention.