WCLF Speakers

Annemarie Tiemes 2022
  • Authorised Tea Certifier, Authorised SCA Trainer
  • European Speciality Tea Association
ESTA Introduction to TEA
At the WCLF 2022, the European Specialty Tea Association (ESTA) will introduce the first international tea certificate program in Korea.
Interest in tea as well as coffee is increasing internationally.

This is a session where you can get a certificate if you take the theory and practical classes of ESTA’s first program, Introduction to TEA, which offers prestigious tea education programs in Europe and around the world.

<Course overview>
1. What is tea?
2. Camellia sinensis
3. Botanicals
4. Introduction to sensory
5. Importance of temperature and water
6. The art of brewing
7. Tea is more than a beverage
Annemarie Tiemes has been responsible for SCAE Education from 2011 till 2017 developing the Coffee Diploma System from the bare beginning.
After unification of SCAE and SCAA to SCA her job involved developing education all over the world in all shapes and formats.

Annemarie is an Authorised SCA Trainer for all modules including Sustainability.
She has been actively involved into coffee since 2009.

While working as a Maitre-Sommelier at that time she totally lost her heart to the coffeeworld after volunteering and judging in several national competitions and World Championships, she also was voted SCAE National Coordinator for the Netherlands.

When Covid made an end to her job at SCA she started developing teaching materials for the European Speciality Tea Association and became an Authorised Tea Certifier for the existing modules.

She is now looking at starting her own company for consultancy and training.
This year marks her anniversary visiting the Cafeshow for the 10th time!