WCLF 2019 Speakers

Leonel Seo 2019
  • General Secretary
  • Specialty Coffee Association of Costa Rica
Origin Adventure Session
1.Sustainability methodology
2.Understanding to get started with direct trade
3. Increasing the utility of Origin Tour
Leonel Seo is a general secretary of the Specialty Coffee Association of Costa Rica (SCACR) and has served as National Judge for the past seven years at the Cup of Excellence Costa Rica.

He is responsible for the analysis of hybrid varieties at SCACR and meets over 400 new varieties each year through collaboration with ICAFE, CATIE, Starbucks, and World Coffee Research.
It is resistant to pests such as coffee rust, yields three to four times higher than Caturra, excellent cup profile and the ability to tolerate drought, a near future climate caused by global warming.

He is also a co-representative of J & B Cafe International, a green bean export company and he will guide you through the purchase of small quantities of green beans by connecting them with the production area, and the connection between the farmer"s brand and the roaster"s brand. He also explains how to create a more effective and efficient schedule on the Origin Tour.