World Coffee Leaders Forum



WCLF 2017 Theme

“INDUSTRY 4.0” & “Humanity” for the Future of Coffee Market

The evolution of technology dramatically changes our lives.

‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ so called ‘Industry 4.0’ is the technical shift in all relevant sector in which boundaries of various fields are broken down and connected to be integrated. Following on this current trend, the coffee industry has been also experiencing various changes by the convergence of the high-tech technology.

Paradoxically, the rapid development of high-technology needs utmost ‘HIGH-TOUCH’ origin from the human sensibility.

This year at World Coffee Leaders Forum, the brand new industrial generation will be highlighted in order to reflect on current coffee market, defining for the range of role for the mankind at the coffee scene.

So, WCLF 2017 desires to talk about a cup of coffee, the people around us, and the convergence of technology that touch customers’ mind in the age of this “Industry 4.0”, especially with reputational influencers and coffee geeks from all over the world who gathered for World Barista Championship Seoul 2017.