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"Greeting to World Coffee Leaders Forum"

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world next to petroleum. Indeed, it is fair to call coffee "oil that comes from trees" when we consider a number of roles that coffee plays; medium for fair trade between major advanced countries and coffee producing countries; a major export item for coffee producers, mostly less developed countries; and a driving force for the development of industry and economy.

The coffee industry began in Europe and its focus is moving from North and South America to Asia where coffee is both produced and consumed in large quantities. Both the size and quality of the Asian coffee industry is changing fast and the region is gaining the world's attention as it turns into a potential coffee market.

Korea has already risen as an emerging market worth the world's attention with its remarkable records; the domestic coffee market is worth 6.17 billion USD (in 2013); 40 million cups of coffee are consumed by adults daily (in 2014); and Korea ranked 6th in terms of coffee import reaching 135,000 tons. Korea exports coffee beans based on its outstanding production and processing technology such as blending, roasting and cupping, and Korean coffee shops and franchise chains are heading overseas with their service capability including branding, design and packaging. In addition, export is increasing thanks to the production of advanced machines and facilities. The world is increasingly interested in Korean café culture, barista and products, and 'Korean coffee wave' is at the center of the rising Korean export industry that creates values.

On the belief that it is imperative for Korea, as the mainstay of the global coffee market, to take the lead in pursuing a new trend, growth and getting through crisis, World Coffee Leaders Forum was held for the first time in Asia in 2012. As an international coffee forum, World Coffee Leaders Forum was launched to examine changes that the coffee market is facing and figure out how to facilitate sustainable development by discussing major issues in the globally rising coffee market and sharing information.

Following the successful forums previously held for the past 4 years, the 5th World Coffee Leaders Forum 2016 will be attended by representatives from coffee-related companies around the world, experts, associations, groups, research and education organizations, franchise, distributors, export and import companies, coffee producers, embassies, baristas and consumers to share information on the market, trade, economics, culture, environment, social, technology for coffee industry and discuss the directions.

World Coffee Leaders Forum Organizing Committee has made every effort to prepare for a successful forum. We hope you will join us for this special event, which will bring together the key decision makers and industry personnel of the coffee industry throughout Asia and worldwide. This event will be a key platform for exchanging ideas and knowledge of the coffee industry.

Yours Sincerely,

Danny Shin Chair
Danny Shin
World Coffee Leaders Forum Organizing Committee