[Coffee News] 6 Trends that will Dominate Coffee Packaging in 2022
Date : 2022.02.04 Link :

After pandemic, as the demand for ordering coffee online has been increased, coffee brands focus on design-forward packaging to create memorable experiences. Great packaging helps you convey your brand personality and story.

Here are six of the top packaging trends which will dominate the coffee industry for 2022!

● Serenity in Packaging
Designs which embrace sentiment, pairing light and calming hues with simple copy and understated typefaces
 Eccentric text-centric design
Coffee bag which artistically appeals the brand by accentuated typography
 Y2K aesthetic
Coffee packaging which reflects the Y2K aesthetic characteristic of the mid-1990s to early 2000s
 Perfectly, imperfect raw materials
Designs that reflect the raw materials the coffee packaging is made from
 Cut ‘n’ paste color layering
Coffee bag with geometric shapes, ripped papers effects and raw textures of recyclable materials
 Mischief Illustrated
Coffee packaging which is with cute and satirical characters that will make customers smile

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