WCLF 2020 Speakers

Nancy Cordoba 2020
  • Ph.D candidate
  • Universidad de La Sabana
Sensory Forum
Descriptive Cupping: Methodology and Applications
Nancy is a researcher and Ph.D. candidate at Universidad de La Sabana, born and raised in the Andes mountain ranges of Narino, south-west of Colombia, a coffee region widely recognized for its quality and strong cultural tradition. She earned a Master of Science Degree in Process Design and Management, a major in Bioprocesses, and a Bachelor’s degree in Agroindustrial Engineering. She has deep theoretical and on-the-field experience in coffee postharvest processing, and it is Q-Processing certified professional. As a winner of the National Doctoral Fellowship Program from Colombia’s Ministry of Science, she is currently developing research on the chemical and sensory effects of extraction variables for cold and hot coffee brewing methods, linking sensory science & food technology for recreating beverages with new sensory experiences.