WCLF 2019 Speakers

Peter Kettler 2019
  • Global Product Manager
  • Fairtrade International
Global Session
Rebalancing the Supply Circle - how to bring Risk and Reward into greater alignment?
Peter Kettler has over 25 years specialty coffee experience, across manufacturing, retail, trading and finance, with Stone Creek, Holland Coffee, Taylor Maid Farms, Coffee Kids, Wolthers Douque, and Trilliant Foods. In 2004, he founded Radio Lifeline, an NGO focused on providing farmers with access to vital information that can improve lives and livelihoods. In 2010, their Coffee Lifeline project was awarded the SCA’s annual Sustainability Award. Radio Lifeline’s Black Earth Project was the first large-scale research project into the various benefits of biochar for smallholder coffee farmers. In 2015, they partnered with the UN’s Africa Climate Policy Center to broadcast weekly programs into the causes and anticipated effects of climate change.
Peter joined Fairtrade International in January of 2019 as Senior Coffee Manager.