World Coffee Leaders Forum

WCLF Invitation

「World Coffee Leaders Forum」 celebrated its 11th anniversary this year.

this year, under the theme of Coffee & Relationships, we will provide solutions to respond to changes in the global coffee industry, which has rapidly changed since COVID-19, and the special coffee industry, which has faced the fifth wave. We would like to explore various relationships with coffee in the global coffee industry, present future industry directions and visions, and explore new paradigms.

Following the successful hosting of the past decade, In 2022, 3,000 representatives, experts, organizations, research and educational institutions, distributors, importers, coffee producers, embassies, baristas, and consumers from 60 countries will gather to share coffee and people, coffee and planet, Coffee and the Relationship in the new world and discuss the direction of the coffee industry.

We ask for your full attention and participation so that the World Coffee Leaders Forum can be a meaningful step toward the right direction and vision for the sustainable development of the coffee industry.

Yours sincerely,

Danny Shin Chair,
World Coffee Leaders Forum Organizing Committee

World Coffee Leaders Forum greets its tenth opening this year.

In its beginning, World Coffee Leaders Forum started to empower Asian coffee market focusing on its great potential in both consuming and producing sectors. Walking along with a growth of our regional market, World Coffee Leaders Forum focused on building a global platform that attracts coffee experts and professional across the world.

Each year, World Coffee Leaders Forum analyzes the trend of global and regional coffee markets, and evaluate paradigm shifts engaged in protecting sustainable coffee and community. Also, in order to defend coffee producing environment from growing threats, such as climate change, coffee lust, labor issues, and so on, WCLF is striving to change the common perception by connecting the coffee community with globally respected coffee experts and professionals.

Current economic system is being doubted and challenged constantly by a number of industries including that of coffee as over production and consumption are leading to deteriorating scarcity of all different kinds of resources and environmental pollution. As a result, the idea of sharing brings attention to the people around the world. Furthermore, the theory of “Sharing Economy” has been suggested to replace the traditional market economy. With this perspective, the sharing economy, also known as access economy, peer-to-peer (P2P), or collaborative economy, will amplify the value of sharing, whether it is appreciated or not.

In today’s society, the practice of such economic model is being frequently observed also in our coffee community. World Coffee Leaders Forum, as the No.1 coffee knowledge-sharing platform, would like to call forward all people of the coffee industry, who are eager to have dynamic discussions of new values highlighted in the ear of sharing economy. World Coffee Leaders Forum Organizing Committee hope to inspire everyone who attend the event to take even a small leap and make change for brighter coffee community.

Yours sincerely,

Danny Shin Chair,World Coffee Leaders Forum Organizing Committee