WCLF 2020 Program

Sensory Forum

Sensory Forum is a program designed to inform the advanced coffee tasting professional about the latest techniques, research, and innovations in sensory science. Every session will be accompanied by a sensory experience, designed to further illuminate the concepts learned and give attendees a real sense of the science, and real experience with innovative techniques.

Sensory Forum Day 1
Session 1 Expanding the “Slow Coffee” Segment using Neuroscience
신경과학을 활용한 “슬로우 커피” 시장의 확대
Speaker: Fabiana Carvalho
Sensory Experience: Tasting & Discussion: 30 minutes
Coffee Break
Session 2 Purity and Process: What does 'pure' coffee taste like?
프로세싱의 영향: 순수한 커피의 맛은 무엇인가?
Speaker: Fabiana Carvalho
Sensory Experience: Tasting & Discussion: 30 minutes
Lunch Break
Session 3 Descriptive Cupping: Methodology and Applications
서술적 커핑: 방법과 적용
Speaker: Nancy Cordoba
Sensory Experience: Cupping& Discussion: 90 minutes Or Batch Brew: Tasting & Discussion
Coffee Break
Session 4 The Economics of Coffee Attributes: How Sensory and Other Attributes Drive Coffee Price
커피 특성의 경제학: 커피 가격에 영향을 미치는 센서리와 특성들
Speaker: Norbert Wilson
Sensory Experience: Tasting & Discussion (if they can source coffees)
End of Day One
Sensory Forum Day 2
Session 5 Using Science to Change the Way We Brew Coffee
과학을 활용한 커피 브루잉 방식의 변화
Speaker: William Ristenpart
Coffee Break
Session 6 Consumer Driven Product Optimization and Innovation
소비자 중심의 스페셜티 커피 제품 개발과 혁신
Speaker: Jean-Xavier Guinard
Sensory Experience: (William and Jean-Xavier combined): Tasting& Discussion
Lunch Break
Session 7 The Science of Coffee Freshness
커피 신선도의 과학
Speaker: Samo Smrke
Sensory Experience: Tasting & Discussion
Coffee Break
Session 8 Bitterness in Coffee – Always a bitter cup?
쓴맛에 관하여 – 커피는 늘 쓰다?
Speaker: Sara Marquart
Sensory Experience: Tasting & Discussion
Closing Remarks
Nov. 3-4, 2020
Coex, Seoul
Official Language
English & Korean (KOR&ENG simultaneous interpretation available)
Global Session

WCLF 2020 invites knowledgeable leaders from a variety of disciplines to share their perspective on the prospects of the global coffee industry future.These sessions will present the innovative new ideas on each realm of the coffee industry.

Global Session - Nov.5, 2020
World Coffee Leaders joining WCLF 2020
Session Topic Speaker
Keynote Speech 1 Producer’s Life after Covid-19 (Global Coffee Review) Jose Sette
Executive Director, International Coffee Organization (ICO)
Keynote Speech 2 Covid-19: Impact of the Pandemic on Coffee Consumption Yannis Apostolopoulos
Chief Executive Director, Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)
Global Session New Normal Coffee Business & Branding Hospitality BK Kim
Fritz Coffee Company Founder
Sunghee Tark
bean voyage Co-Founder& Chief Executive Officer
Networking Share your thoughts All participants
Nov. 5, 2020 (Thu)
Coex, Seoul
Official Language
English & Korean (KOR&ENG simultaneous interpretation available)
Professional Session

Experts from all over the world are sharing their professional skills and knowledge in Coffee. Participants in Professional Session have the opportunity to learn in depth information and technique during presentations and demonstrations.
* Korean instructor will serve the lecture in Korean.
Please note that professional session is only given in Korean language.

Professional Session - Nov.3-6, 2020
World Coffee Leaders joining WCLF 2020
  11.3(Tues) 11.4(Wed) 11. 5(Thu)   11. 6(Fri)
10:00 ~ 12:00   Design method of roasting profile for beginners
Flow Coffee Works │ Yunyeong Lee
Café, to survive?
Imi Coffee Roasters │ Rim Lee
10:00 ~ 13:00 Grinder Maintenance ① ditting· Mahlkonig
Kijeong International Company │ Changho Lee
11:00 ~ 13:00 From planning to launching F&B brands
Base is nice │ Jina Jang
[Brewing beginner course] Understanding and Utilizing of Extraction tools and Variables
YM Coffee Project │ Yongmin Cho
[Brewing intermediate course] Extraction design and Lay out
Bangitum Project │ Sanghwa Park
BREAK TIME (13:00 ~ 14:00)
14:00 ~ 16:00 The foundation of Fritz Branding
Fritz Coffee Company │ Byeonggi Kim
Global Trends and Methods of Evaluating Countries' Auction and Direct Markets
Youdong Coffee Company│ Yudong Cho
Gaerock Coffee │ Yeongmin Ju
Espresso Extraction Technique for Preparing Cafe and Contestants
Bunker Company │ Seunggyu Park
Will Coffee Roasters │ Junhui Cho
14:00 ~ 17:00 Grinder Maintenance ② Compak
Dooree Trading │ Taewoon Yoo
15:00 ~ 17:00 Success Manual of Reasonable Office Cafe
NEXTCNC│ Jin Yeongho & Jeongho Kim & Boyeong Shin
Catching up with sensory standards for speciality that vary by country
Coffee me up │ Dongwan Kim
Roasting quality control and choice of green bean according to product production purpose
Pastel Coffee Works │ Hyeonyeong Bang
Nov. 3, 2020 (Tues) – Nov. 6, 2020 (Fri)
Coex, Seoul
Official Language
Origin Adventure Session

The best platform to meet high quality coffee for your business. Fresh coffee beans from the cautiously selected origins are all gathered in this Session. You can taste, smell and feel – simply fully experience - the beauty of coffee through representatives of origins and cupping sessions prepared for your business opportunity.

Part 1: Presentation
Topic: Pure, Potencial, Positive  PERU
Part 2: Cupping
- 2019 CoE 2nd place _ Nuevo Progreso Inca Geisha
- Finca Mirador del oso
- Finca el Cedrillo
- Cafe Monte Verde  Vituya
- Cafe Monte Verde  Guayabamba
- Finca Chiriloma Geisha
Nov. 5, 2020
Coex, Seoul
Official Language
Spanish & Korean & English (Interpretation available)
Coffee Skills Program (CSP)

It is a basic SCA course that understands the whole contents of coffee. This course is designed for coffee lovers, professional baristas, and those who want to obtain SCA international certification.

Nov. 5 / Nov. 6 , 2020
Coex, Seoul
Seoul Café Show