WCLF Speakers

Monika Firl 2022
  • Senior Coffee Manager
  • Fairtrade International
Global Session
"The Future of Coffee must be Sustainable for the Planet and Fair for the Farmer"
Monika has worked within the coffee industry for more thank 25 years and has witnessed many surprising and exciting changes in that time. She got her start in coffee, during 10 years living in Central America and Mexico coordinating a learning program with coffee farmer organizations focused on best agricultural practices, the organic and fair trade markets, and the importance of establishing healthy and direct relationships between farmer organizations and buyers.

But she’s also worked through countless challenges “from seed to cup” ranging from extreme market fluctuation, climate chaos, crop failure and the extreme financial risks this all represents for coffee farmers and the entire supply chain.

From 2002 - 2021, she worked as the green buyer, projects manager and then as sustainability director with the collective roaster/importer Cooperative Coffees, based out of their Montreal office. Supporting the development of the organization’s “Carbon, Climate and Coffee Initiative” and the co-launch of the "Cool Farm Tool Pilot Project" in coffee, only strengthened her keen interest in understanding the relationships between healthy soil, carbon removal, and potential climate solutions within balanced eco-systems in regenerative organic coffee landscapes.

Since March 2022, Monika has been working as senior coffee manager at Fairtrade International.