WCLF Speakers

Jeongsu Ryu 2023
  • CEO
Plenery Session - Session Ⅲ : The intersection of cities and coffee
What are the busuiness items that are guaranteed to fail and succeed depending on the commercial district?
CEO of "Glow Seoul," a space solution company that plans and develops content (stories) suitable for specific areas to create new commercial districts.

※ TV program
- Currently appearing on SBS "If Touched, It’s Hot Place ? The Trendy Local Spot"
- Appeared on Channel A "The 337th episode of The Grassroots Tycoon"

※ Major Projects
- Shinsegae Group Design Transformation Project: Planning & Design of specialized spaces at Suwon Starfield, 2022
- Revitalization Project for Gyeongridan-gil: Project including businesses such as Heavy Rain Watch, Saladeang Embassy, Lazy Farmers, from 2022 onwards
- Lotte Group Design Transformation Project: Planning & Design for Lotte Uiwang Time Villas, Lotte Department Store Daejeon, Lotte Gimhae Theme Park, and Juicy Fresh at Lotte World Mall, from 2019 to 2021
- Changsin-dong Cliff Village Project: Projects including Donut Water Purification, Jungle, Milk Shop, from 2021 to 2022
- Commercial Space Project: Gwangju Synergy Tower/GN food (Goobne), Another Site/Gwanggyo Galleria, from 2020 to 2022
- Namsan College Project @ Gyeongridan-gil: Including Heavy Rain Watch, Saladeang Embassy, Lazy Farmers, Savage Garden, from 2021 onwards
- Oncheon Village Branding & Design Project: Projects such as Oncheon House, Cheongsudang, Songam Inn, Cheongsudang Spa, from 2019 to 2021
- Soje-dong Project(Daejeon): Including Hong Rong Rong, Chiang Mai Bangkok, 2019
- Iksun-dong Village Project(Seoul): Including Saladeang Bangkok, Hotel Senne, Watermill, Soha Salt Field, from 2017 to 2022