WCLF Speakers

Seung Baek Kim 2023
  • Head Barista, Beverage R&D
  • M.I. Group
Professional Session A - Nov. 8th(Wed) 14:00~16:00
"Creating My Own Brewing Recipe"

In a world filled with various brewing tools and recipes, it is essential to find what suits me best.
I often find that coffee others enjoy does not quite match my taste; what could be the issue?
What are the key elements to master for brewing a more delicious cup of coffee?

Discover the answers to all of these questions in the "Creating My Own Brewing Recipe" one-day class.
Learn how to craft your own brewing recipe with Seung Baek Kim, the 2021-2022 World Brewers Cup National Representative.

- Calibration: Establishing Flavor Standards
- The Coffee I Want, the Coffee I Want to Extract
- The 3-Ds of Extraction, Time, and Ratios
- Recipe Guidance Based on Roasting Intensity
- Principles of Controlling Water Flow
Korean National Team for the 2022-23 World Brewers Cup
Champion of the 2022 Korea Brewers Cup