WCLF Speakers

Chi Hoon Lee 2023
  • CEO
Professional Session A - Nov. 9th(Thu) 10:00~12:00
"Leap of Asian Coffee, Asian Cupping Seminar"

Hands-on Session: Exploring Asian Coffees After Blind Cupping of 12 Varieties

1. 3rd Place Best of Taiwan Royal Bean Geisha Natural
2. 4th Place Best of Taiwan Jinglong Coffee Geisha Natural
3. 1st Place Cup of Thailand
4. 3rd Place Cup of Thailand
5. Chinese Geisha Washed
6. Taiwan SL34 Natural
7. Panama Esmeralda Geisha Washed
8. Panama Savage Geisha Peaberry Natural
9. Costa Rica SL28
*10~12 will be further categorized in the future
Managing the YouTube Channel "Cupping Post"
Judge at the Best of Taiwan International Competition