WCLF Speakers

Matthew Swenson 2021
  • Director of Coffee
  • Nestle
Global Session
Part III - Future Retail Trend
The Next Step for Coffee Brands Around the World
He started out pulling shots as a barista in the coffee industry back in 2000. His passion for the art and science of coffee led me to perform several different roles in the coffee and beverage industry.

As a trainer and consultant for a national chain, he developed a comprehensive corporate coffee training program from scratch. With the experience of opening coffee shops and cafes in 15+ states, he has trained hundreds of new baristas on the art, appreciation, and techniques associated with phenomenal coffee. As a former roaster and experienced sourcing director, he fully believes in the soil-to-sip experience and the collective relationships between farmers, roaster, and baristas.

Featured or quoted in the following publications: Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, Playboy, the Village Voice, Roast Magazine, Fresh Cup Magazine, Daily Coffee News, Perfect Daily Grind, BEVNET, Life & Thyme, Delta Sky Magazine, Frontier Myanmar, Austin Business Journal, Austin Statesman (Austin 360), Austin Food Magazine, Beverage World Magazine, Wine Spectator, Extra Crispy (Time Inc.) Independent Joe.