WCLF Speakers

Chang Hyun Shon 2022
  • CEO
  • OTD Corporation
Global Session
"space curation strategy to save offline stores"
We cannot live out of space. No matter how big the online market grows and Metabus rapidly emerges as a trend, the value of offline space will never disappear. The unique atmosphere, warmth handed over by people and people, and the impressions of space design are probably because online space can never be copied. However, it is difficult to survive if you stick to the previous method. As lifestyle changes, spatial curation methods must also change. It is important to strengthen the function as a space that connects people and people and adds color to the experience by utilizing the sensibility of the space that can only be felt offline.

Shon Chang Hyun founded OTD Corporation in 2014 after realizing that "the era of filling the space with taste, not function, has come." Mr. Shon drew attention by planning the concept of ‘Select Dining’, which brings together famous restaurants across the country. It received a lot of attention by launching various F&B models such as Gwanghwamun Power Plant, Overdash, and Market Loggers. and successfully opened the bookstore "Arcn and Book" that reflects values, tastes, and trends. He emerged as a master of space planning, he succeeding in succession such as ‘Seongsu Federation’, which turned a closed shoe factory into a cultural space where small brands with special personalities gathered.

He has consistently emphasized the value and potential of offline space. What made him focus on offline space when everyone was immersed in online business? we would like to share his insights that transformed a space that no one has been looking for into a "money lucrative" store. Through the WCLF 2022 Global ession, we will think about the value of offline space and how to fill the abandoned space.