WCLF 2019 Speakers

Rodrigo Jimenes Briceno 2019
  • Promotion Manager
  • ICAFE, Dept. of Promotion
Origin Adventure Session
1. Transparency in all value chain systems from cultivation, harvesting, processing to export
2. Connection of producing and consuming countries
3. Transparency and Sustainability
Rodrigo Jimenes Briceno is Director of the Promotion Department of the Institute of Costa Rican Coffee (ICAFE), a government agency.
Farms, processing plants and export companies in the Costa Rica coffee industry must all be registered with ICAFE, and ICAFE will transparently look at all trading processes.
So in Costa Rica, there are no intermediaries that are outside the control of ICAFE.

He maintains and manages transparency of Value Chain Systems from long-established cultivation, harvest, processing and export.
Also, he participates in prominent coffee events in the US and Europe, including the Seoul Cafe Show, and actively promote and promote Costa Rica coffee, which has the highest premium in NY C-Price, among Latin American producers.In addition, He supports the sustainability of farms and local natural environments, and provide training on the next generation.