WCLF Speakers

Matthew Swenson 2021
  • Director of Coffee
  • Nestle
Global Session
Ready to Drink in the United States
As Nestle’s Coffee Partner (NCP)’s Director of Coffee, Matt Swenson works in the technical and product side of the business, helping plan for the next big innovation in the coffee pipeline. Swenson brings his deep coffee expertise to the breadth of Nestle’s coffee portfolio, which includes brands like Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Nescafe, and Chameleon Cold-Brew. From soil to bean to bottle, Matt is passionate about coffee education and bringing the coffee’s sustainability story to life for customers, consumers, and employees alike. While Matt focuses much of his time on the entire NCP portfolio, he also leads sustainability strategy for the Chameleon Cold-Brew brand and its coffee and communities programming. Prior to joining Chameleon in 2016, Swenson co-founded Nobletree Coffee headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. He is also one of only 50 Q Grader Arabica Instructors (akin to a master coffee sommelier) in the world.

Experiencing incredible growth over the past decade, we’ll explore the Ready-to-Drink and Cold-Brew market in the United States. Matt Swenson, formerly the Chief Product Officer of the number one cold brew brand in the United States - Chameleon Cold-Brew - will share the story of the brand from the start up days to being acquired by the world’s largest coffee company, Nestle. We’ll put Chameleon’s growth within context of the fast-growing market segment over the past decade, how it built its base, and look at the different market dynamics of facing the industry today. Taking a step back, we’ll dive into the greater coffee market and segmentation of today’s overall CPG market within the United States, and how cold brew plays a part in and out of home. Wrapping up, we’ll look towards the future and explore how the market is trending, and what is needed to compete in the future.