WCLF Speakers

Darrin Daniel 2021
  • Executive Director
  • Alliance for Coffee Excellence/Cup of Excellence
Global Session
Cup of Excellence: Its Impact and Market Innovation
Darrin Daniel began his career in specialty coffee in the ’80s working as a barista for the Eugene, Oregon roaster/retailer Coffee Corner, Ltd. He has worked for coffee companies in Seattle, Portland and Denver. His early work with illycaffe began his interest and growth into coffee education and training. Daniel’s was the Head Green Coffee Buyer for Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Director of Sourcing for Allegro Coffee/Whole Foods Market.
He has served on the Sustainability Council for the SCA and the Executive Council for the Roasters Guild. Brandon Loper’s 2014 Documentary A Film About Coffee features Daniel’s travels to Rwanda as Head Coffee Buyer for Stumptown. He has presented at numerous trade events; including SCA Expo in Seattle, Washington, Re:verb in Guangzhou, China. He currently serves as the Executive Director for Alliance for Coffee Excellence and Cup of Excellence.

Darrin Daniel will discuss the impact that Cup of Excellence has had globally while focusing on a couple case studies of success. CoE has had the ability to work closely with Governing bodies in coffee producing countries. CoE has founded the notion of Direct Trade through its rigorous competition and transparent auction system, which bridged the producer and the buyer. The impact has fostered long term relationships as well as elevating the price premium for high quality coffee. This program has brought many actors and stakeholders in the process, including government ministries as well as NGO’s. CoE will examine some examples of this multilateral approach to a program tasked with improving coffee producers livelihood.