WCLF Speakers

Jiyoung Hwang 2021
  • Associate Professor of Marketing
  • UNC-Greensboro
Global Session
Competitive Advantage of Coffee R e tail : Decision Making for the Future
Dr. Jiyoung Hwang is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Bryan School of Business & Economics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her research interests include AI-based services, the impact of conscious capitalism on traditional business and consumers, and branding and consumer experiences in the digital era. She has published articles in Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing,International Marketing Review, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Services Marketing among others.
Dr. Hwang is an internationally invited speaker for companies and governmental organizations including Hmart (a global retailer in the U.S.), Samsung, LG International, GS Retail, Amazon Korea, The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, World Food Forum, and Korean Chainstores Association to name a few. Dr. Hwang has also appeared on TV news and other U.S. media such as CNBC and MBC in the US and Korea for her expertise.

Covid-19 changed the growth of on/offline businesses, including coffee retail, while giving consumers a new perspective on the value they feel in consumption. Jiyoung Hwang will take a look at the value of well-being, which is the most important value in consumption, the changes in the coffee retail industry, and trends that will become more important in the future, along with examples from the United States and Korea. Furthermore, she will present the way companies view consumers and the cunsumption experience(CX) strategies that should be differentiated in on/offline channels.