WCLF Speakers

Gilyoung Song 2021
  • Vice President
  • VAIV Company inc.
Global Session
Changes of Life, Changes of Coffeeness
Gilyoung Song is an expert leader of the big data industry. Currently, he is the vice president of VAIV Company inc. and Korea Data Mining Society, and also a professor at Korea University.
Since 2000, VAIV Company has been a big data company that collects and analyzes big data to derive insights, and has developed artificial intelligence reports that collect, analyze, and write reports for the first time in the world.
Gilyoung Song, who has been reading and interpreting the human mind in social big data containing people"s daily records for many years, wrote big data-related books "I See Your Desire Here (2012)," "Looking Away from One Well (2014)," and "Do not Imagine (2015)." He appeared in many Sebasi Talk (15 minutes of changing the world) and also on tvN Shift"s "The Fate of Books" to share insights on social media, algorithms and books.