WCLF Speakers

Bartosz Ciepaj 2021
  • Master Roaster
  • Harrods
Global Session
Accelerated Development - Exploring the Case for Ultra Specialty / Luxury Coffee
Bartosz Ciepaj is a coffee professional, the Master Roaster of Harrods, Cup of Excellence International Judge and a Q grader. He has worked on a diverse portfolio of coffee projects internationally, setting new trends in coffee. Bartosz international experience across different fields, including international relations, has driven his passion for improving sustainability within the coffee industry, especially in producing countries.

He started work in Harrods to set up the Coffee Roastery in the historic Harrods Food Halls where some of the world"s best coffees are roasted in full view of the customers. More recently, he has oversaw all coffee equipment upgrades and set up an in-house Harrods coffee training program. Also, he innitiated Harrods corporate membership in the Specialty Coffee Association and the Cup of Excellence. He is responsible for quality control of all coffees produced at Harrods.

He aims to provide Harrods customers with the finest products and coffee experience in the world. He draws inspiration from advanced studies in wine, neurogastronomy and gastro-physics.

The last 60 years have been a golden era for the specialty coffee industry. The industry has evolved significantly-from the expansion of single-origin coffee, the conception of “the waves,” to the creation of the international non governmental coffee organizations.

In the last ten years-and the previous two, in particular-we have witnessed the exponential growth in demand for “the best” coffee. Coffee consumers are more savvy and knowledgeable as the quality of good information is vastly available online. The pandemic made clear that coffee is an “essential” product as demand for sophisticated brewing equipment and coffee subscriptions soared. This presentation covers the latest trends in specialty coffee, including learnings from consumer behavior during the pandemic. It makes a case for defining a new “Ultra-Specialty” category for luxury coffees and coffee experiences.