WCLF Speakers

Elisa Criscione 2023
  • Founder & CEO
  • Digital Coffee Future
Plenary Session - Session Ⅳ : In the age of coffee, a commitment to sustainability
Towards a Digitalized Coffee Value Chain: Shaping a Sustainable Future for the Coffee Industry
Elisa is the creator of Digital Coffee Future, a knowledge hub for coffee digitalization information in the industry.
She is also the Founder and Lead Consultant of Expressing Origin, a consultancy whose mission is to support
tropical agriculture stakeholders to develop tailor-made solutions, with a special emphasis on coffee and
digitalization. Before fully dedicating herself to a career in coffee, she deepened her understanding of the
application of digital solutions in agriculture in Ghana and worked in Colombia in the sustainable development
arena where she first entered into contact with coffee. She holds a Master in Coffee Economics and Science from
the University of Trieste, an MSc in Food Policy from the City University of London and a BSc in Food and Agriculture
from the University of Gastronomic Sciences. She speaks Italian, English, and Spanish.