WCLF Speakers

Jin Jae Jeong 2023
  • R&D and QC Manager
Professional Session A - Nov. 10th(Fri) 14:00~16:00
"Brewing Sketch (Beginner Level)"

Creating a single cup of pour-over coffee is akin to drawing a picture. Just as one sketch can complete a picture, understanding the overall variables in coffee extraction is sufficient to create a delicious cup of coffee. This seminar is designed as an experiential event for coffee beginners to grasp the fundamentals, enabling them to perceive sensory changes based on variables, design recipes, and understand brewing basics.

* Depending on the number of seminar participants and the flow of the session, the tasting portion may be either expanded or reduced.

- What is Brewing Coffee? (Brewed Coffee/Manual Coffee/Filter Coffee/Drip)
- Concentration and Yield (TDS/EXT)
- Understanding various extraction variables
- Sensory differences based on coffee-to-water ratio (Tasting)
- Sensory differences based on extraction and filtration weight (Tasting)
- Understanding variables through World Brewers Cup recipes
Finalist of the 2022-23 Korea Brewers Cup